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Every single one of us is searching for something. We search for purpose & significance.
We ask:
“Bakit tayo nandito?”
“Paano natin ma-fulfill ang ating personal na mga potential?”
“Ano ang layunin at kabuluhan ng buhay ko?”
In answering these questions, we must remember that it is not the standard of the world that should define our lives. It is not the achievements, the power, or material things we can attain that will determine our potential.
God, our Creator, created us with a purpose. He is our Manufacturer. Our Manufacturer’s Instruction is in the Bible. The Word, who is God Himself, will tell us our life’s purpose and significance.
The Manufacturer’s Instruction tells us who we are: we are GOD-MADE. We are created to function like Him. God already prepared “operational instructions” for us to live the life He designed and destined for us.
God, who made us, is also in the best position to also help us when we are going through life’s difficulties. “The reason we’re filled with such uncertainty and confusion about life is that we’ve lost our connection to those original instructions,” Dr. Myles Monroe says.
Yet, our “Life’s Manual,” the Bible is accessible to us 24/7. All petitions, God can directly receive, as we direct them heavenward— to our Manufacturer, our Creator. In moments of confusion, brokenness, emptiness, we can always return to the One who created us.
It is our Manufacturer who:
1. Has the original blueprint for our lives.
2. Knows what is broken inside us.
3. Can provide the replacement piece for what is missing in our lives.
Do not try to repair yourself. Simply return to the manufacturer. Let us remember the manufacturer’s original intent.
God intended for His Kingdom to reign. God intends for the earth to be an extension of heaven. He intends for us to be His representative here on earth, to be bearers of His image and likeness here in this world- full of love and mercy, overflowing in generosity.
May we all turn to our Creator, our Manufacturer, and may we all enjoy our life as we live it in accordance with our God-given purpose and significance.


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